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Dana F. Schneider MA, MFT
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Changing Families

Dana Schneider offers a spectrum of psychotherapeutic services for parents and children in various phases of relationships, divorce and separation. Dana helps families with problem identification, problem resolution, counseling and coaching post divorce or separation.

Dana assists families to emerge from divorce and separation, in a way that is frequently less expensive than an adversarial litigation-based approach. With 31 years of experience working with families and children, Dana utilizes a range of expertise to rapidly identify the unique needs of each family or child. Her professional work with families focuses on creating parenting plans appropriate for the ages of the children, but more importantly, to support parents in reducing conflict and planning for their future co parenting relationship. Any relationship involving the care of children needs to take into account the emotional landscape.

Dana works with divorcing and separating parents to:

  • Establish a parenting plan or make changes to a plan already in place
  • Recognize the unique and diverse forms that families and parenting relationships take
  • Learn how to avoid conflict, child alienation and putting the child in the "middle"
  • Avoid negative intimacy and moving towards a new business based relationship
  • Bring the child's voice into the process without conflict
  • In a focused, streamlined manner, assist with developing shared parenting plans that are functional and tailored to the unique child and family
  • Resolving conflict
Dana Schneider concentrates on the nuts and bolts of problem resolution, timeshare, holidays, and differences in parenting styles, with the sensitivity to the emotional factors involved in a divorce. She works on the transition from ending one form of parenting relationship to starting another. While she focuses on the specifics of the problems reorganizing families experience she is sensitive to the emotions that accompany this transition.
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